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  • Equestrian Event Digital Timing for Barrel Racing, Gymkhana, Pole Bending, Team Roping, Cattle Penning, Rodeo, Western/English

    COMPLETE PACKAGE, FULLY WIRELESS SYSTEMS - includes full-function Racing Timer, tripods for IR Beams and carry case

    Featuring the Full-function Sport Timer 3000 Timing Computer
    Long-range WIRELESS - 600 ft. - or more with ER antennas
    Optional Audible Signals at Start, Finish or both
    Full LAP, SPLIT and COUNTDOWN Timing functions
    100 times held in memory for easy review later
    Optional wireless interface sends times directly to your PC
    Portable, battery operated, EZ setup!

    *Just add Horse and Rider! - Barrel Racing/Rodeo Timer -
    Single-Beam Complete Packages starting at $450
    Click for details

    *With or without optional wireless  Big Display Scoreboard
    *Perfect for Barrel Racing, Gymkhana, Rodeo Events
    *Single Beam at the same START/FINISH line
    *Beam Start/Stop control or pushbutton, or both
    *Countdown/timeout for Penning and Roughstock
    *Just add Horse and Rider! - English Riding, Show Jumping -
    Dual-Beam Complete Packages starting at $755
    Click for details

    *With or without optional wireless  Big Display Scoreboard
    *Perfect for Show Jumping, Steeplechase, Racing, Training
    *Events with TWO IR Beams, separate START and FINISH lines
    *Beam Start/Stop control or pushbutton, or both
    *Add more Beams (optional) to time multiple segments
    Wireless PC Interface for the Sport-TIMER 3000, USB cable and software. PC, laptop, etc. not included   $189.00  Stk.#46805PC
    wireless  Add Pawsoft software on CD with the Interface. $249.00  Stk.#46805PCS

    Pawsoft Software for the Sport Timer 3000 Wireless PC Interface . Unlimited Use License. Please provide your Serial Number with your order. Your license key will be sent to you via email.  $49.95  Stk.#46805SW


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